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In 2018, China’s space launch has completed 39 times, surpassing the United States and ranking first in the world.

At 16:00 on December 29, at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, the Long March 2 Ding Launch Vehicle/Expedition No. 3 vacated and successfully launched seven

A new generation of return satellites will be launched next year. Reusable 15 times.

"The reusable return satellite project being developed in China has a basic on-orbit time of up to 20 days, and the return module has 15 possibilities for reuse

Musk moves to Mars 70% possibility to explore Mars on the Space X rocket

According to reports, on the evening of the 25th local time, Musk said in an interview: "I know what to do, I am considering moving there (Mars)." Musk also hint

SpaceX space network plans to expand FCC has allowed 12,000 satellites to be in orbit

SpaceX space network plans to expand FCC has allowed 12,000 satellites to be in orbitAccording to the Washington Post, on Thursday, local space tycoon Elon Musk

Jordan announced that it will launch its first satellite on November 19th.

According to a report on the Jordanian Petra News Agency on November 9, the Jordanian Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) announced in a statement on November 9 that

Shanghai Hugong set up a commercial satellite subsidiary

Shanghai Hugong announced on the evening of October 16 that the company plans to invest 80 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Shanghai Minhang

Alibaba will launch satellite and mini space station

On October 22nd, Alibaba confirmed that Ali is about to launch the “One Stop, One Star” program to launch the “Candy Pot” mini space sta

Deep space "constellation" to build interstellar internet

Recently, at the National Space Exploration Symposium, Yang Zhen, a researcher at the National Space Science Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinaf

Interpretation of global satellite launch data in 2018: satellite launch frequency rises, small sate

Global satellite emissions and stocks: 2017 satellite emissions broke historical records According to data released by the American Satellite Industry Associati

In 2018, China’s Earth observation and remote sensing satellites ushered in a dense launch period

Satellite remote sensing technology has been widely used in the fields of ecological civilization, “Belt and Road” construction, military-civilian i