SPH4000 on/off grid hybrid solar power inverter for home ups system sale

SPH4000 on/off grid hybrid solar power inverter for home ups system

Compact design, easy transport and installation
Local graphical LCD and 4 buttons, easy to operate


Wide range of PV input power

Charging and discharging time &power are programmable

Support three-phase system with thr

Product Parameters Of SPH4000 On/Off Grid Hybrid Solar Power Inverter For Home Ups System


 Datesheet  Growatt SPH4000
DC Input Data
 Max. recommended PV power  6600W
 Start voltage  150V
 PV voltage range  120V-550V
 MPP voltage range/nominal voltage  150V-550V/360V
 Max. input current of tracker A/B  12A/12A
 Number of MPP trackers/strings per MPP tracker  2/1
 AC Output
 Rated AC output power  4000W
 Max.AC apparent power  4000VA
 Max. output current  22A
 Nominal AC output voltage; range  230V; 180Vac-280Vac
 Nominal grid frequency; range  50,50±5Hz
 Power factor at rated power  1
 Displacement power factor  0.8leading...0.Slagging
 THDI  <3%
 AC output power(Backup)
 Max. output power  3000W
 Rated AC output voltage  230Vac
 Rated AC output frequency  50Hz
 Automatic switchover time  <0.55
 Battery dada
 Battery voltage range  42-59V
 Max. charging voltage  58V
 Max. charging and discharging current  66A
 Max. charging and discharging power  3000W
 Battery type  lithium ion battery/Lead-acid battery
 Deep of discharging  80%DOD/5Q%DOD
 Capacity of battery  3-12kWh
 Max. efficiency  97.5%
 Euro European efficiency  97.0%
 MPPT efficiency  99.5%
 Protection devices
 DC switch for each MPPT  Yes
 DC reverse polarity protection  Yes
 Battery reverse protection  Yes
 Output over current protection  Yes
 Output overvoltage protection  Yes
 Ground fault monitoring  Yes
 Grid monitoring  Yes
 Integrated all - pole sensitive leakage  Yes
 General Data
 Dimension (W/H/D) mm  547*516*170
 Weight  26KG
 Operating Temperature Range  -25°C...+60°C
 Noise Emission (typical)  < 25dB(A)
 Attitude  2000m
 Self-Consumption  <3 W
 Inverter Topology  transformerless
 Cooling concept  Natural
 Environmental Protection Rating  IP65
 Relative humidity  100%
 DC connection  MC4/H4(opt)
 lnterface:RS232/USB/RF/WhFi/LAN  yes /yes /opt/opt/opt
 Display  LCD
 Warranty: 5 years /10 years Certificates and Approvals  yes /opt

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