Cycle Sol,Solar Bicycle,Solar bike,FR-1 Serise (Standard) Solar Bicyle sale

Cycle Sol,Solar Bicycle,Solar bike,FR-1 Serise (Standard) Solar Bicyle

Brief introduction: The company relies on the provincial and ministerial research center of Shanghai municipal governmentProduct feature1. Environmental and hea

Brief introduction: The company relies on the provincial and ministerial research center of Shanghai municipal government

Product feature

1. Environmental and healthy cycling

2. Assistance and fitness cycling

3. GPS orientation&Automatic 10 speed transmission.

4. Saving labour&light weight&smart

5. Solar power charging

6. Solar energy replenishment

7. 2A cell phone charging

8. Resistance to puncture and tyre burst

Technical breakthrough

At present, the general weight of the electric vehicle is fast and the safety performance is poor, and the power system and power supply of this solar bicycle are integrated in the wheel assembly.

1. The solar cell adopt monocrystalline silicon cell which is highly efficient and not easy to damage

2. Solar cells use special proportions, which are safer than conventional batteries

3. The vehicle configures the power recovery system. Cycling and taxiing can be converted into electrical energy stored in lithium batteries

4. The slope aid system can effectively improve the riding strength of uphill road and realize easy climbing

FR-1 Serise (Standard) Solar Bicyle


Automatic 10 speed transmission,The maximum speed ratio is 1 to 5.6. The minimum speed ratio is 1 to 1.4


24KM with each 2 seconds cadence


Solar panel power:30W, Battery power:8AH



Seat adjustment

Auto lift seat

Smart system

Slope identification system, cell phone charging 2A

All model configurations are equipped with:  Tiptronic 10 speed transmission, cell phone charging, gyroscope, GPS orientation, Predecessor power assistance, Rear drive assists configuration of smart torque sensor. According to the size of the leg force, the cadence speed is determined by the operation to determine the size of the electric assistance, The precursors are used for short trips.Driving mileage almost 200km. Solar power energy increase 25km everyday. Rear drive bicycle with fitness(Cycling power generation storage battery) cycling, assistance cycling function. Assistance cycling distance is 400km. Solar power energy increase 50km everyday.


Module parameter

electric performance parameter

Max power

32.42 wp

Conversion (1000w/m2, 25°)


Module size


Standard test condition:

Standard test condition: Air quality AM1.5,irradiance 1000w/m2, panel module temperature 25°

Tyre size

External diameter 63cm, internal diameter 21.5cm

Company according to the national industry development plan, solving the individual green travel intelligent traffic, making hundreds of years of production history of the bicycle to upgrade intelligent digital products, the electric vehicle is simplified to decades history to make it much simple than bicycle traffic tools which meet people's demand for green living for a better life.

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